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Lets Celebrate Vaisakhi!

Sikhs around the world will be celebrating the festival of
Vaisakhi on 14th April. 

Traditionally Vaisaki was a harvest festival celebrated with
processions singing and colourful decoration in the rural communities of Punjab

For Sikhs throughout the world however, Vaisakhi also marks
the inauguration of the Khalsa, the body of committed Sikhs who have decided to
dedicate their lives to the values taught by the Sikh gurus.

The Khalsa were inaugurated by Guru Gobind Singh, the 10th
Sikh guru, in 1699. The Khalsa – meaning to be “pure, sovereign” – was founded
to create a group of individuals who were prepared to stand up to injustice, to
protect innocent people from religious persecution, uphold freedom, foster
spiritual observance, promote honesty and equality, and ensure all people could
access basic needs such as food and health.

Why not find out more by booking a visit the Gurdwara or
have a Faith Tutor Come to your School

13 Mar 2020

Narinder Singh
Interfaith and Diversity Education
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