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NEW Virtual Interfaith Experiences

The Bradford Interfaith and Diversity Education Team are still here for you in these unprecedented times.  If you have any questions regarding your religious education, please contact us on the interfaith email address or any individual faith tutors you have been supported by in the past. 

We can now also offer virtual Interfaith experiences which you can use your subscription to access.  These will comprise of a 10-15 minute recorded session available on a private YouTube link followed by a live interactive virtual session of activities, a question and answer session and a story dependent on the subject of the session.  The session will last a minimum of 1 hour but can be longer and tailored to your school’s needs.  Our pages on the site will give you an
idea of the type of sessions we can offer, but this is not an exhaustive list and we can tailor it to any faith subject you would like.  Please email us at interfaith@bradford.gov.uk and one of our tutors would be happy to have a discussion about your needs.

21 May 2020

Tina Housley
Interfaith and Diversity Education
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