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30 Hour Clerking Contract
Prices from £3150.00
30 hours of clerking time (to be used in 30 minute slots)

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Our clerking service will provide you with a nominated, highly trained clerk to support your Governing Board with all its needs, using their detailed knowledge of governance regulations and statutory responsibilities. We can:  

  • cover all your Governing Board’s administrative needs - from meeting planning to production and distribution of timely, high-quality documents;
  • support Chairs, Headteachers and governors with current advice on legislation, policy and procedures;
  • support governors to plan their work and development activities.
  • provide appropriate support in the event of unavoidable absence;

All our clerks undertake regular, focused training and are routinely performance-managed by our new Lead Officer for Clerking. 

You can use your chosen hours for Full Governing Board meetings AND ALSO other meeting types e.g. committee meetings, planning meetings, Governor Away Days etc.  Simply choose the total duration of your meetings in a year and the related administration is included in the price.

Please Note:  In the event a clerk attends a scheduled meeting and the meeting is then subsequently cancelled, for example where the meeting is not quorate, school will be deducted 1 hour of their subscription to cover the costs that have been incurred.

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60 x 1/2 hour Clerking - service as part of contract only
1/2 hour clerking service to enable countdown
Prices from £3150.00
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