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Monster Magic CD
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Monster Magic CD

Behaviour Specialist Teaching Team – Training overview                                                                             

The pack is designed to create a nurturing hour in the curriculum which meets developmental needs and increases understanding of how to feel safe and be safe. The programme allows pupils to explore emotions safely and understand how to manage them effectively.  By the end of the journey, pupils should be able to manage themselves and have a clearer understanding of the strategies they can use to manage potential conflict.  

This CD pack contains 40 hour long sessions along with work sheets.  

CD on its own is £35 net

Training delivered direct into your school:

A specialist teacher can deliver training on the use of the package. Details of this can be found on the whole school training page of the website in the SEMH download.
And or
A specialist mentor can set up support in order to ensure the best possible outcomes. This is small group work lasting one hour a week for six weeks. Prices and booking please contact: BRADFORDIES@bradford.gov.uk

School commitment

Two members of staff must be committed to the delivery of the sessions and, once in session, cannot be taken from that group; this consistency is vital to the success of the session. 

We recommend that a third member of staff from SLT or the SENCo provides line management support and has responsibility for:   

Ensuring that assessments are done
All staff involved with the children are clearly informed
Parental consent is gained for the group work and photographs
Timetabling of the sessions is carefully considered
Selection of the children is done in a considered manner
Staff are clear about child protection policies and procedures
Supervision is offered to the staff involved once every two weeks.

Although the session is an hour long, staff will need to allocate one hour and forty five minutes to each session.  This is to allow for 30mins preparation before the session and 15mins at the end of the session to record development points and for staff to liaise about issues that may have arisen.

The group work should be delivered by two members of staff, with whoever is leading for the session willing and able to work the session through the puppet.  The puppet can whisper to the lead and communicate to the children and is a useful way of facilitating the group and of picking up on any behavioural issues that may arise.

Routines need to be established to allow the group to run smoothly; in particular, the routine for starting should be the same every time, as should the routine to end each session. 

Do not be afraid to repeat sessions if you feel that the group did not grasp the learning objectives and sessions can also be differentiated further to meet the needs of individuals within the group.

© Copyright - This scheme was written and developed by Behaviour Specialist Teaching Team, City of Bradford MDC  

£35 per CD
£35 per CD
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